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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

America Has Very Little Talent

I haven't watched a Reality Television show for at least a year and, have not watched a talent based television show for longer than that, with the exception of the audition stages of, "American Idol". I am ashamed that I watch even the audition stages of, "American Idol" because, I would say that 95% of it's purpose is to showcase people whose integrity and pride are reduced to gimmicks or displays of emotional outbursts and, I lap it up with a hearty side of self-loathing and shame for enjoying it, so much.

What it if it were Colin, up there, singing his heart out, badly but, bravely? I would hope that my parenting would stop him short of showcasing his belief in his talent in a chicken suit?

I mean, I believe in my child but I have a hard time supporting the thought of him beating his head against a wall that will never be broken, while further humiliating himself in a costume or, with a gimmick.

Which brings me back to, "America's Got Talent".

Guess what, "America's Got Talent"? I'm on to you.

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