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Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Than A Decade...OUCH.

The recent unearthing of Diaries and Yearbooks has led me to thinking of people I have not thought about in a long time and no, this is not going to be an, "After School" type blog.

I will be revealing some girlhood feelings that, make me squirm the tiniest bit because, well...a part of me has refused to believe that I’m...well, never mind how old I actually am, unless you can count and then, you know and, you're lucky I don't know where you live.

I really want to sit on the floor, with my legs crossed but, I’m not writing in a diary with a Bic pen, I’m typing, (a class I failed). More importantly, I want to name names that may mean nothing to you but, mean a lot to me.

There are the, "prolific" such as Ryan M., Nick H., John T. and, countless others but, there are those who I have never named that, meant a lot to me.

Tyler L., who had facial hair that no Junior should have business having but, he was a damn swarthy, sexy pirate who, played opposite me and, had such charisma, I couldn't help but be pulled in. By the way, Tyler? I am pretty sure you were schmoozing a lot of girls at the time and...bravo for being that smooth. Brav-O. ;)

Matt E., (who was the silent guy who had the unfortunate happenstance of having a carport that everyone, at that bus stop, found refuge from the constant Seattle drizzle, under.) tall, with a head full of really gorgeous curly hair, quiet and really fun to talk to. I missed you when you moved away.

Glenn A., who also rode the bus with me and Matt E. and, played what I think I remember as the Trumpet, (Please forgive me if I’m wrong Glenn) and smiled with dimples that were really handsome. Glenn, you should have worn a Fedora and, maybe you have. If not, you should sometimes. If anyone could pull it off, it would be you.

I had a lot of fun teasing Matt and Glenn in a way that they may not remember but, I do. ;)

Andy M. played the guitar and wasn't a tool about it. Andy liked John Deere Tractors but, he wasn't a redneck. Andy had great handwriting. I spent an entire After Party with Andy, talking under a Grand Piano, (totally my Sixteen Candles moment) all night with my lips inches away, yearning for him to kiss me and, I don't think he even knew it. He had really nice teeth, weird thing to say about anyone but, he did. Andy also had really awesome blue eyes and was probably, actually, the coolest guy I had a crush on.

Mike A. had a lot of charisma and, when his Dad was in Idaho, Mike actually called me and asked me out. We drove around. Every time I hear that song, "I got my head shaved...WOOO-HOOO!" I think of Mike and his insanely awesome crop of wavy red hair and how awesome he was.

Downtown, Matt Brown? Need I say more? =)

I had my head in the clouds, I still do but, I’ve come down far enough to realize how much you all meant to me, how grateful I am to have known you, when I was looking through my yearbooks.

I raise my glass to you fella's.

I don't know where you are or, what you're doing but, I hope that there is happiness, love, laughter, enough of the sad stuff to help you appreciate the good days and, the bittersweet joy of memories.

Here's to you guys and, thank you. =)

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