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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frugal Review: Suave Hair Care

Recently, I’ve stopped purchasing my hair products from Redken, because their prices just aren’t fitting into my budget anymore.

Until I have some extra pocket money to splurge, I’ve started purchasing my hair care products from Suave. Their low prices are more of an allure to me than their recent batch of hip, gender and lifestyle based commercials, but I do get a kick out of those commercials, (especially the one with the lady whose head stays the same, but her lower half changes, like one of those flip books).

Suave has come a long way from their simple line of shampoos and conditioner’s with scents that have the ability to please a large variety of people. At a dollar a bottle for their tried and true line, (otherwise know as their “Naturals” Line) you can’t go wrong. Dig into your pockets for another dollar, and you can try out their new, “Professionals Line”.

I started using the Sleek shampoo, conditioner and crème, because my hair is of medium thickness and wavy with a tendency to frizz before ever thinking about making an actual curl. People that have hair that is anywhere from wavy to curly tend to have very dry hair, something about their hair cuticles and moisture, (I can’t remember the exact science, but that’s pretty much the basics of it) and I figured that if I can’t get it to curl, I can at least try to keep the frizz at bay. No small feat let me assure you!

A lot of the time, I end up letting my hair dry naturally, no point in torturing it when I’m not going anywhere “important”, (i.e. dates, family functions, etc.). If I know I’m staying at home, or not doing anything that warrant’s pulling out the blow dryer and curling iron, I’ll wash and condition and apply mousse and a crème. I followed that regimen exactly today. I twined sections of my hair around my finger to create curls, and then left my hair alone to air dry. After it was dry to my liking, I combed my fingers through my hair.

On days when I want to give myself a “blow out” I will wash my hair, condition, apply serum and mousse. I will dry my hair to about 80% without the aid of a brush, and then dry the remaining 20% with a large round brush, (with boar’s hair type bristles) in sections. Once I’ve dried my hair, I will apply a curling iron, and curl my hair in sections. When my hair has cooled, I will comb my fingers through my hair to tousle it a bit. Sometimes I apply a shine serum if my hair is looking dull, but I don’t have to most days.

The Suave Sleek selection from their Professionals line performs remarkably well for being a frugal choice. Whether heat style my hair or not, it is always shiny. I do seem to have a problem with frizz when I allow my hair to air dry, but really I have that problem constantly. When I do heat style, my hair is shiny, sleek and soft, and it stays that way the entire day.

All in all, I’m very pleased with how well the Suave Professionals hair care line has performed on my hair.

If you’ve tried a Suave product, or another equally frugal product, I’d love to hear your experiences!

Link to Suave’s hair care line:

Youtube link to Suave commercial that pretty much sums up Motherhood, and the struggle it can be to look your best.

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  1. I have used them in the past, in fact I'm pretty sure my conditioner right now is Suave (I have a nifty shower dispenser that sticks to the wall to save space, so I can't check the label lol)
    and it always does the job.
    I usually get something in the medium-price range. Not dollar shampoo, but not salon either.
    I'm out myself, I'll let you know what I try when I go to the store tomorrow ;)

    p.s.: When I let my hair air dry it looks exactly like yours, frizz and all. LOL